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Cheesy Mince Pies

We know what you’re thinking. Mince pies with cheese. That’s like making trifle with beef (for all you Friends devotees). Or having a sausage roll with custard. But cool your jets, mi amigo. Try these little parcels of scrumptiousness and you’ll never go back to shop-bought even if you’re a Fortnum’s season ticket holder.

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Santa’s Guilty Pleasure

This is the best Christmas cake ever. And that’s a fact. Once you give this a go, you’ll never revert to Great Aunt Elsie’s recipe ever again. It will become part of your Christmas tradition. Like always making room for seconds despite knowing it’ll burst those buttons once and for all. Or arguing over what should be the first Christmas movie you watch (it’s The Grinch, by the way). The recipe claims to serve 16 but, in our experience, you’ll be lucky to make it stretch that far, particularly if you get the post-monopoly munchies.

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