About us

Welcome. Pull up a pew

The Stylechapel TeamThe Stylechapel team is small but perfectly formed. I’m Raphael, chief knitter-editor-buyer-collector-magpie. Stylechapel is my baby. My husband Steve is my in-house copywriter (he also helps with wrapping when things get a bit busy). We like to think of ourselves as Stelves (Stylish Elves) who rush about picking, packing and posting. 

I’m also an experienced proofreader and subeditor and you can read more about that side of my business here.

Stylechapel sells an eclectic mix of homewares and accessories that are bold or a bit out of the ordinary. Our products are either handmade by me or sourced from talented independent makers. These are the sort of things that make other people go green with envy. Or get tickled pink. Our mantra... Go bold and Go home.

Why we do what we do

Don’t you just love it when a friend admires something in your home. When they plead to dry the dishes so they can pout like Madonna? We like to create and find things that make a statement. For example, why stare at a picture of strangers kissing in Paris (you know the one) when you can declare your inner rebel with wall art that says “F*** it, let’s go to New York”? Or why serve up naked boiled eggs at breakfast when you can give them little knitted beanie hats to wear?

Designers in the chapel

I love discovering new makers and handpick ones that are highly talented and truly eclectic with products that bring a smile to your face and make your heart skip a beat. For instance, there had better be a good reason why that fox is wearing a retro knitted sweater.

More than a place to shop

But there’s more to life than shopping (someone once told me). Which is why I also have a blog where I share ideas for interiors and things that inspire me, as well as some of our favourite recipes, book reviews and pics of Coco (our bundle of fluff Cockapoo).

Stylechapel knits

I am knitting obsessed and love making life cosy. Every piece is unique, knitted by me in my craft room which is bursting at the seams with my yarn stash and pom poms. I got the knitting bug from watching my mum make Aran jumpers and my Granny Dolly create tiny blankets for my doll’s house. I love knitting gifts for friends and family. Some of the more unusual gifts I’ve created include a string of knitted fish for my sister’s restaurant, a pair of ice skates for my niece, and elf table leg covers for another sister (who loves Christmas nearly as much as me).

Wrapping and packing

Stylechapel Delivery ServiceWe understand the thrill of receiving a delivery (even when you’re expecting it). So, to add a cherry to your cake of excitement, we wrap all our products beautifully. Like a proper present. For you to enjoy opening. And in terms of packaging, stylechapel and our designers use as much recycled – and recycle as much – as we possibly can.

What’s new pussycat?

Follow me on Instagram for a look behind the scenes and to see some of my own personal inspiration. But let’s be honest, my account has been pretty much hijacked by Coco. She’ll tell you her favourite hotspots!

Hope to see you soon.

Raphael – chief knitter-buyer-collector-magpie

Company details
VAT Registration Number GB 154 3607 19. Company number OC358009. Registered in England. Registered office (not post/contact address): 7 Milbanke Court, Milbanke Way, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1RP. For all correspondence/returns, please use the following address: Stylechapel, 26 Park Road, Milford on Sea, Hampshire SO41 0QU.