Cocktails by Dolly G

“ Days get shorter and shorter, nights longer and longer, before you know it, your life is just one long night with a few comatose daylight hours ”
(Source: Cocktail 1988)

Martini GlassDolly G… the mistress of mixology and a superb singer/songwriter. She knows her cocktails. And she especially knows her gin. So don’t ever try to palm her off with a brand she didn’t ask for. She can sniff it out a mile off. Anyway, we plied her with her favourite beverage (martini with a twist) and persuaded her to part with a few of her mix tips (not to be confused with mix tapes, although we reckon some of her Maxell C90s would be worth a listen). Dolly G is also partner in crime to Miss Demeanor, one of our favourite hedonistas.

The Dolly Bolly

Dash of Cassis or Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Shot of Raspberry Stoli or Absolut Vodka

Top up with pink champagne or Cava depending on how rich you are.
Add 2 or 3 frozen raspberries to finish.
Don’t overdo the vodka as the mix of champs and vodka can be pretty potent!

The Dolly Parton
2 parts Mandarin Absolut or Orange Stoli

1 part Gin, Drambuie or Grand Marnier to trickle around the glass

To make:

Put lots of ice into a cocktail shaker, pour Grand Marnier or Drambuie into a glass and pour around the martini glass to line it, then pour away any excess.

Put measures of gin and vodka into cocktail shaker with ice and shake, rattle and roll.

Leave to stand for a little while, to let the ice fuse into the spirits, then pour into the glass lined with liquor.

Take a piece of orange rind, twist gently to release orange zest, run round rim of the glass and put it in as decoration.

Alternatively, if you have one of those implements that shreds rinds into thin strips, make an orange rind twirl for decoration.

The Dolly Bird
Havana Club 3 Years – double or triple measure

Fresh orange


To make:

Pour rum over lots of ice in a tall glass.

Take a quarter of a fresh orange and squeeze into the rum.

Top up with Coke.

Garnish with a slice of orange.