Knitted Egg Cosy with Pom Pom
Knitted Egg Cosy with Pom Pom

Knitted Egg Cosy Set


The big idea
Who’d have thought that the prototype for this egg cosy was tested in zero gravity on the international space station? No one, is the simple answer. Because the very notion is absurd. It was however tested at our breakfast table and passed with flying colours. So we decided to knit some more and sell them.

A set of two makes a great housewarming or ‘thank you’ gift. Or go all out and get four as a special Christmas pressie. We won't tell anyone if you keep them for yourself.

You can choose all the same colours or mix-and-match. Choose from Dolly, Elsie, Betsy or Tilly. You can also buy just one.

The finer detail
Made from acrylic yarn
Approx 10cm high (including pom pom) and 7.5cm across
All cosies and pom poms are handmade so may vary slightly
Gift-wrapped free of charge