DIY Make Up Station

Soon after we moved into our house, I bagged a nice little corner in the bedroom for a makeup desk. But despite lots of searching, I struggled to find a piece of furniture that would fit the bill. I wanted it to be deep so I could store pots for brushes, pencils and lipsticks. But also have room for the various makeup box sets I seem to have accumulated. (I love makeup and my sister runs a beauty salon so I have lots of kit).

I also wanted to be able to keep it looking tidy. A good mirror was important as well as proper lighting. The ‘makeup corner’ is next to a window with shutters so lots of natural light means I can see what I’m doing – which is always a bonus!

I decided one of those old style school desks would be ideal and found exactly what I was after at a car boot sale in Brighton. It was just the right size and shape. Here it is in all its filthy glory. 

School Desk

It stayed in the garden for a while until I could give it a deep clean (several times). Then after various stages of sanding and undercoat, I painted the body grey and the lid a lovely soft yellow. Not normally my colour choice but it felt right for this desk and balanced the grey nicely.

School Desk

My husband glued a mirror to the inside of the lid and fixed up an illuminated, wall mounted makeup mirror next to the desk.

School Desk

It fits snuggly into the space and looks great. And it’s a relaxing spot to sit while I perfect the smoky eye look!

School Desk

I love it. What do you think?

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  • jan lewis

    I LOVE this!

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