Designer Spotlight: Sergio Roger

We have been known to be more than a bit obsessed with stags at Stylechapel, from placemats to cushions to wooden stag heads – they have all graced our pages at some point. Just at the point where we were wondering if stags have had their day, we stumbled across Softheads by Sergio Roger. And our obsession took on renewed purpose.

Sergio Roger - Designer of Softheads

From a 17th Century ballroom, in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, Sergio Roger brings together his two great passions – art and design – to create Softheads. They are a unique and cheerful alternative to ‘real’ stuffed animal heads which, let’s be honest, are a bit freaky as well as utterly un-PC.

The idea for Softheads came to him while he was studying Fine Arts and immersed in the creation of a group of sculptures – inspired by hunting trophies. How could something so violent, dark and primitive as hunting be turned into an amazing, jaunty object with a sense of humour that’s pleasing to the eye?

Take your pick from a gorgeous red tartan or green tartan deer. Both would look perfectly at home in your drawing room or library. Or lounge, if you’re more Downtown than Downton.

We ask all our designers to give us their 11th commandment (it gives us a greater insight into their weird, wonderful and often warped minds).

Sergio said "Make your own rules". He obviously has a rebellious streak.

And his worst sin is internet addiction. It could be worse!